Mary B.

Apr19th 2020

I just love Millennium Physical Therapy. The clinic is clean, and the staff are wonderful and friendly. I like Mike and Shicara a lot. They are a good team. I have never had to wait there for my treatment. Mike is very thorough and always explained my condition well and took time to discuss my MRI result.

Elizabeth K.

Apr19th 2020

I was at Millennium for my back and hip pain. Recently my pain has been very severe, and my legs felt weak. I started using a walker to prevent falling at home. Every time my doctor tells me to go to therapy, I always choose Millennium. Every time I call, I can get an appointment promptly to see Mike. The staff are very respectful and caring. I just found out about the home care program, which is great because I have no transportation after my daughter passed away. They are angels to me, thank God I found them.

Emma G.

Apr19th 2020

I was looking for a clinic after my doctor gave me a script for lymphedema therapy. I later found out Millennium provided this service at their Otisville location, which was only 10 minutes’ drive from my home. The physical therapist even helped me getting a lymphedema pump which I use at home every day. I am very satisfied with the service and gladly recommend them to others.